by bbedlam

A little back-matter

As I mention in my "author profile", Angry Faerie developed from a suggestion by one of my co-workers.  I'd been having severe artists block and she suggested I draw a picture of a faerie kicking the crap out of an elf.  And so here is the first illustration of Angry Faerie, before she even had a name:

Angry Faerie's First Appearance

by bbedlam

Angry Faerie has arrived,,

... and the world will never be the same!



ok, that may be a little bit of hyperbole.  Still, I'm pretty excited to have Angry Faerie up and going.  The webcomic will be updated every Monday and Thursday, and this blog will be updated when I have something worthwhile to say I suppose.

Thanks for checking out Angry Faerie.


Scott S.