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Touching Base

So I've been considering moving to a Mon/Weds/Friday schedule or even a Tues/Thurs/Saturday schedule, but have not decided on anything yet.  I posted about this on the comicfury forums, and got some good feedback.  Still, haven't made a firm decision yet, but once I do I'll obviously let everyone know.

In other news, it's looking more and more likely that I'll be having a table at ComicFest in Denver (April 16-18).  It's part of StarFest which is the "main convention".  If anyone is planning on attending, I hope you'll stop by my table and say hi. 

I've put a link at the top of the page that says "Contact Angry Faerie".  If you have any questions or comments regarind Angry Faerie, feel free to shoot me an email.  If you actually ask a question, it's possible that Angry Faerie will reply in a webcomic down the line.

Once again, thanks for reading. 


Scott S.

by bbedlam

Weekend Back Matter 3

So far, as best I can tell, I am on track to have a table at the upcoming ComicFest here in Denver, Colorado.  ComicFest is a sub-convention of the larger StarFest.  I'll be sharing a table with another local webcomicker, so I'm hoping to have a good time (and possibly make a lil money, but we'll see about that).  The plan is to make up some Angry Faerie logo buttons (possibly to sell, possibly to just give away) and I may take the leap of faith and order a small batch of Angry Faerie t-shirts.  If I do take that leap (and it seems likely I will) I'll offer them for sale online as well.  So if you were just dying to get a black & white Angry Faerie t-shirt, this could be your opportunity!

By the way, did you notice at the top of the comic there is now a link to email Angry Faerie?  It's possible that the occasional email will get read by Angry Faerie in the comic.  Just fair warning, that's all.

I've gotten some flattering feedback from people saying they want more Angry Faerie (ie: bonus strips).  Well, I have to get a bit further ahead on the regular strips, but don't be too surprised if there are the occasional weekend strips (in color? possibly, but no guarantees at this point) as I did have an idea about that the other day.

As for today's back matter:  Everyone likes to see an Elf getting kicked "square in da nutz" , right?  (If your answer is "no" then you're clearly looking at the wrong webcomic).



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Angry Faerie Back Matter #2

Just thought I'd share another image I did of Angry Faerie before the webcomic developed.  One thing about Angry Faerie, she doesn't like to be considered "cute".

Angry but Kawaii Faerie

by bbedlam

Denver Comicfest

I am currently planning on attending the Denver Comicfest (part of the larger Denver Starfest) in April (april 16-18).  I'll be splitting a dealer's table with another webcomic creator (  If you're planning to be in Denver, please stop by the table and say hi.

*disclaimer:  artist table has not been confirmed yet.  I'll keep y'all updated :)

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A little back-matter

As I mention in my "author profile", Angry Faerie developed from a suggestion by one of my co-workers.  I'd been having severe artists block and she suggested I draw a picture of a faerie kicking the crap out of an elf.  And so here is the first illustration of Angry Faerie, before she even had a name:

Angry Faerie's First Appearance