People do weird things...

10th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM
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People do weird things...
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bbedlam 10th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM edit delete
Awww... poor AF. She looks so confused. And Artus looks a little hurt in that second panel, doesn't he?

More revelations about Brinda's motivations... and Artus's as well... coming up.
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Steve the Mew hunter 10th Oct 2010, 5:45 PM edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter
wait, what the heck just happened?
geekgrrl 10th Oct 2010, 5:53 PM edit delete reply
Of course Artus doesn't hate you! He gave you one of his girlfriend's latex! Now on productive comments:

What would happen to AF if, well...she wasn't the Anger Faerie anymore? Would she just be a generic faerie or what? 0.o
Ferix 10th Oct 2010, 6:22 PM edit delete reply

Happy 100th strip >_>

Sorry for not commenting 80% of the time
Magravan 10th Oct 2010, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
Wow 100? Congrats Scott!!

I see, they are basically trying to drain her of the anger so that she can be happy where she was?

It seems like Artus could have mentioned this sooner though... Then maybe he wouldn't look so hurt :P
bbedlam 10th Oct 2010, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
Whoops... apparently I didn't get the time setting right for the release of "today's" strip. It's only 8pm here.... d'oh! I suppose I could take it down and re-post it at a later time on Monday, but what the heck.

And while this is "technically" the 100th strip, that's including the bio's and the convention strip and the Angry Faerie print. Going by my own strip count (which sounds dirty) this is "officially" strip 95. So next wednesday should be the 100th strip. But thank you all for the well-wishes in the meantime :)

@Steve - Brinda just gave some of her motive to Angry Faerie.

@Geekgrrl - Excellent question! And as fate would have it, today I was drawing a strip where AF gives an answer to that very question! Which means you can expect that answer in... a while :)

@Ferix - I forgive you. I love me some comments, but understand not everyone has the time to do it.

@Magravan - That's probably *part* of it, but not entirely it. Fortunately I'll explain the whole plan soon. As for Artus, he probably could have mentioned it, but he doesn't seem to be the type to start anything where confrontation is going to result does he? Letting Brinda do the explaining seems a lot more his style.
PixieFurious 10th Oct 2010, 7:20 PM edit delete reply
HOLY lord! :::sits at rapt attention:::
bbedlam 10th Oct 2010, 7:28 PM edit delete reply
@pixie - you're in for a long sit until Wednesday :) You may need to get up and stretch a bit. Or um... draw some new CONIES while you're waiting? :)
White Owl 11th Oct 2010, 4:31 AM edit delete reply
White Owl
OK All the explanation of Brinda taking one of AF's Emotion guards was old news to Artus (heck he probably helped) But I don't buy Brinda's answer of we want you to be happy in the other place...
leyna 11th Oct 2010, 5:16 AM edit delete reply
Before she goes back to Bullfinch, are we ever gonna know who the murder faerie is and who he/she murdered? Did I miss something?
bbedlam 11th Oct 2010, 6:15 AM edit delete reply
@Whiteowl - actually, if you read back, Artus asked AF why she and Brinda weren't friends anymore and that's when AF told him Brinda stole one of her emotion guards. Whether he actually knew that before she told him is a different story entirely. Since we haven't seen any other Emotion Guards, they may all look alike so perhaps he didn't know where Other Angry Faerie's emotion guard came from?

@leyna - yep, we'll know who the murder faerie is. Nope , you haven't missed anything.
Brighid 11th Oct 2010, 9:27 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, I seriously doubt she did this because she loves AF.
bbedlam 11th Oct 2010, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
@Brighid - so skeptical!