Relationships Are Like Glass. . .

17th Aug 2011, 7:00 AM
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Relationships Are Like Glass. . .
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bbedlam 17th Aug 2011, 7:00 AM edit delete
Is there ANY chance that Artus and The Spirit of the Forest having a conversation about Angelique could possibly end well? I've gotta admit, I have my doubts.

On an unrelated note, I think AF looks pretty adorable in her vest and with her hair that way. Not sure what everyone else thinks about it, and it's almost guaranteed she'll change her hairstyle and clothing after the whole trial thing (if not before).
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leyna 17th Aug 2011, 12:17 PM edit delete reply
AF is a regular Snookie of bullfinch with her hair like that..but with The Situation as it is, I doubt there is a Jersey dress in her future.
bbedlam 17th Aug 2011, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
@Leyna - really? Jersey Shore references? Comparing AF to snookie?? That's it... you're banned! :P
leyna 17th Aug 2011, 6:52 PM edit delete reply
Now look what you did...turned it all into a Taylor Swift reference...."And all you're ever gonna be is mean....."

Look it up...while I go heave!
Shade 3rd Jun 2015, 4:47 AM edit delete reply
wtf? A talking tree?
bbedlam 7th Jun 2015, 11:55 AM edit delete reply
oh sure, like the talking tree is the weirdest thing to appear in this comic? :P
Shade 26th Jun 2015, 6:12 AM edit delete reply
The only weird thing before was the clone and draugr, everything else oddly made sense, but now I get to this part with a tree? That really threw me off.
bbedlam 1st Jul 2015, 1:09 AM edit delete reply
It will be revealed that the tree is actually the Spirit of the Forest communicating via the tree.. so it's only kinda/sorta a talking tree.