Bitch Bitch Bitch. . .

7th Oct 2011, 7:00 AM
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Bitch Bitch Bitch. . .
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bbedlam 7th Oct 2011, 7:00 AM edit delete
Holy crap... I'm officially 1/4 of the way to my 1000th strip! And I've done the past two strips while suffering through what I think is a bronchial infection. Seriously, I believe I've had to stuff my lungs back down my throat because I keep hacking them up. I sound like a dying seal. Bah. Possibly humbug. This stupid illness kept me from participating in the 24 Hour Comic challenge last weekend and it WILL .. NOT .. GO... AWAY!

See... that was me participating in the title of today's comic. Yep, I was bitching.

So... why does Mika's mom think Angelique is such a giant bitch? Well next week you'll find that out. Plus, we'll find out what Aphrodite and The Spirit of the Forest have been discussing. Also, what ever happened to Artus? You've got questions, I've got answers.

Plus, probably more questions.
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Lawelite 7th Oct 2011, 7:14 AM edit delete reply
Wait a minute. Artus is still alive?

My mind has been blown
White Owl 7th Oct 2011, 10:16 AM edit delete reply
White Owl
Sorry to hear you're not feeling better Scott. The Fae queen was probably interested in either Artus or the Spirit of the Woods.(or maybe even Merlin?) Congrats on 250!!
bbedlam 7th Oct 2011, 4:23 PM edit delete reply
@Lawelite - yep, Artus lives. Couldn't kill off AF's brother without showing it. Assuming I'd kill him off in the first place. He's too mellow to die.

@WhiteOwl - The Faerie Queen's reasons for resentment will be revealed soon. Hopefully I'll recover from this illness soon enough. And thanks.. 250 is pretty impressive when I think about how many other projects I've started in the past only to have them die on the vine because I couldn't maintain motivation.
Thisguy 8th Oct 2011, 12:57 AM edit delete reply
Hmmm, interesting, i was just looking back through the archives, and found another comic titled "Bitch bitch bitch" for 20th Aug 2010. But of course its always hard to think up new titles, not critising, just thought it was funny :P
bbedlam 8th Oct 2011, 1:49 AM edit delete reply
@Thisguy I didn't think I'd used bitch bitch bitch before... it didn't come up in my auto-fill with all the other titles... but clearly I'm wrong. Ah well.. titles man, they're a bitch :)
Shade 8th Aug 2015, 6:19 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha, bitch!
bbedlam 9th Aug 2015, 10:11 PM edit delete reply
One of the rare occasions of cuss words being bandied about.