Sibling Rivaly...

17th Feb 2012, 7:00 AM
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Sibling Rivaly...
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bbedlam 17th Feb 2012, 7:00 AM edit delete
"Meep" indeed, Angry Faerie. Meep indeed.

There's a reason AF & Lyla are best friends. They know how to annoy one another without actually killing each other. Or at least they've managed it so far.
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White Owl 17th Feb 2012, 10:38 AM edit delete reply
White Owl
OMG! Faerie and Mika? Who'da Thunk? I knew he had a crush on her, but I thought she was constantly trying to just Crush him....Thanks for using the "Meep" again I missed it!

Lyla looks terrific here...
Thisguy 17th Feb 2012, 11:01 AM edit delete reply
Yay, classic AF hairstyle, ah, nostalgic.
The plot thickens... again... wait..., its already so thick, its actually starting to harden, oh well.
The plot hardens!
Kami-Con 17th Feb 2012, 1:52 PM edit delete reply
"Thisguy" likes it when "plots" thicken and harden... Sorry, I can't help but make childish jokes when people walk into them!

That said, I was just warming up to Thor being a love interest. Then you give me his wife, and a new sexual twist!
Doc Savage 17th Feb 2012, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
I like Lyla. She's rapidly becoming my favorite character. BTW Kami-Con, If you think Sif is a surprise wait till you meet Thor's sons. In Norse mythology he is married to Sif, baring any divorce of course ^_~. One of his two son's is the strongest God in Norse mythology. The Norse believed he could lift anything as long as he had a solid place to stand on while doing it. Anything literally, like the idea that an unstoppable force and an immovable object can't exist in the same universe, well the same would apply here.
RazorD9 17th Feb 2012, 11:31 PM edit delete reply
A.F. and Mika?!? We didn't step into an alternate dimesion or anything? I mean damn.
bbedlam 18th Feb 2012, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
@WhiteOwl - There's a lot of history between AF and Lyla's family. We've only begun to scratch the surface :)

And you just like Lyla in her underwear :P

@ThisGuy - Yes, it's been a while since AF got to wear her "classic" hairstyle. I figured it was about time she changed it up again. One thing that's a lot of fun about AF (the character and the comic) is that it gives me a chance to give them new looks now and then.

@Kami-Con - yes, there was a lot of innuendo in ThisGuy's comments. Not that it's a bad thing around here. And don't worry about Thor, he's definitely going to be sticking around, and we'll see how his relationship with AF evolves.

@DocSavage - I really like Lyla, which is probably why she ended up getting a bigger role than she originally started out with. I think she and AF make a great combination, and I think they'll be a lot of fun as roommates.

@RazorD9 - nope. No alternate dimension. This is really happening :)

leyna 18th Feb 2012, 10:34 PM edit delete reply
mmhmm Mika...I knew it..I think anyway..
bbedlam 18th Feb 2012, 11:44 PM edit delete reply
@Leyna - seems you, like a few other people, "knew it" about Mika and AF. Which begs the question: what do you think you know about AF & Mika? :)
PixieFurious 19th Feb 2012, 6:13 PM edit delete reply
It's the responsibility of true friends to torment the living hell out of each other!
bbedlam 20th Feb 2012, 2:01 AM edit delete reply
@Pixie - If that's the case, then these two have a lot of responsibility towards one another. A *LOT* of responsibility.
Thisguy 20th Feb 2012, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
Yes, my other weakness, apart form having trouble picking up on sarcasm, is being serious and not realizing when i've accidentally used innuendo, seriously, i was thinking more of cerment when I wrote that, realizing that i've used the phrase 'the plot thickens' several times, what logically comes next? A substance becomes too thick, it hardens (the other alternative possibly being dries out, and this comic is definatatly not drying out)... And now I think i've exposed on another of my personality traits... not being able to take a joke, sexual or otherwise, and being forced to explain (and yes, drawn out explanations are yet ANOTHER of my personality traits, oh well the internet has no shortage of weird people)
Hogan 7th Oct 2012, 8:37 PM edit delete reply
Hehehe... nice out of the blue there :P
Mika having feelings for her is one thing, but her actually having feelings for him? XD
"You hurt the ones you love"... most fitting :)
bbedlam 7th Oct 2012, 11:34 PM edit delete reply
@Hogan - yes, that would be strange if AF had feelings had Mika. Fortunately it's not how things turned out :)