Knock Knock. Who's there?

28th Jan 2013, 7:00 AM
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Knock Knock. Who's there?
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bbedlam 28th Jan 2013, 7:00 AM edit delete
I like that Atlas has a sense of humor. And it's kind of a mean sense of humor too.

Drawing barren landscapes is actually kind of hard.

And despite all that, somehow Angry Faerie is listed on the Anime News Network webcomics survey for "best webcomic". So I'm not sure who to thank for that, but if my super-cool readers would be willing to go and vote for Angry Faerie that'd be awesome:

See y'all on Wednesday :)
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Emperor Luna 28th Jan 2013, 8:48 AM edit delete reply
i laughed pretty hard at this one
bbedlam 29th Jan 2013, 12:41 AM edit delete reply
@Emperor Luna - That's what I was going for :)
White Owl 28th Jan 2013, 11:49 AM edit delete reply
White Owl
Always thought the "Huge Gate in the middle of nowhere" meme was overdone. Glad to see the joke finally paid off. And I LOVE that Atlas...well...Shrugged.

Quick Question though...If Atlas is HERE with AF, who's holding up the world?
bbedlam 29th Jan 2013, 12:41 AM edit delete reply
@White Owl - I don't mind the Gate in the Middle of Nowhere, but I thought it would be funny if Atlas were to play a practical joke on AF. Just to show that he's kind of a dick that way.
Spikes 28th Jan 2013, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
I have actually done similar things to people i know over the years.
bbedlam 29th Jan 2013, 12:43 AM edit delete reply
@Spikes - Nice to know you can relate to Atlas. He's kind of an ass, but he's a relatable ass.