I'm Kind of Famous

1st Feb 2013, 7:00 AM
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I'm Kind of Famous
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bbedlam 1st Feb 2013, 7:00 AM edit delete
If you don't know who Eurydice is, you should probably go and read the story of Orpheus, but to give you the cheat sheet: she was the wife of Orpheus and died at their wedding. Orpheus then goes to the underworld to try to get her back. Hades agrees to let her leave, provided Orpheus leads the way and doesn't look back until they're both back in the world of the living. At the last moment Orpheus gets to thinking Hades is tricking him and looks back to see if Eurydice is there, and by doing so she is returned to the underworld.

It's kind of a sad story.

The story is retold in an issue of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN. And I love me some SANDMAN. I also like the idea of a mythological entity being proud of herself for being portrayed in a comic. I'm sure Thor likes being in the Avengers, though he probably isn't fond of being portrayed with blonde hair.

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PixieFurious 1st Feb 2013, 3:31 PM edit delete reply
That's about as star-struck as AF gets!

I wonder who she would squee over...
bbedlam 2nd Feb 2013, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
@Pixie - well, we've seen she's got a crush of some kind on Mika and Lyla's brother. As far as celebrities, I could see her squeeing over Hunter S. Thompson or Bill Hicks. Possibly Atilla The Hun?
BittenUsagi 2nd Feb 2013, 7:01 PM edit delete reply
Love it. I'd think if I were in a comic book I'd be bragging all over, Lol. Love that AF is even slightly star struck.
bbedlam 2nd Feb 2013, 11:42 PM edit delete reply
@BittenUsagi - I don't think anyone could not be impressed by someone who appeared in SANDMAN. I mean, there were faeries and elves and other mythical creatures who passed through SANDMAN... who knows, maybe AF made an appearance and no one noticed.