Oh Brother

19th Dec 2014, 7:00 AM
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Oh Brother
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bbedlam 19th Dec 2014, 7:00 AM edit delete
Page 742!

Ok, so even though we didn't see it, apparently Mika DID manage to get the words out. Which probably explains why he ended up falling off the roof of a building on Wednesday. I think he got off pretty easy all things considered.

Next Friday may be a 'skip' day, as it's the day after Christmas. We'll see as we get closer to the date, but consider this just a bit of a heads up.
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White0wlsuperheroine 19th Dec 2014, 11:31 AM edit delete reply
Sigh...we've all known it AF...I think even YOU knew it.

On an unrelated note--I couldn't get angryfaerie.com to come up Scott. Is there something I should know?
bbedlam 19th Dec 2014, 2:09 PM edit delete reply
I don't know why you can't get to angryfaerie.com ... it's working fine for me.

And did AF know about Mika's feelings? Maybe, maybe not. If she did, I'm sure she didn't think he'd ever be crazy enough to say it out loud though.
RazorD9 19th Dec 2014, 7:19 PM edit delete reply
HA! Way to go Mika! Dropped the bomb and got dropped.

Ah, poor A.F., last to know.
bbedlam 19th Dec 2014, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
I don't know that AF is the *last* to know. I wouldn't be surprised if Mika told Lyla how he felt, but he may not have told everyone.

Although I wouldn't be shocked if Rok knew too.
White0wlsuperheroine 21st Dec 2014, 3:37 AM edit delete reply
Well Lyla knows, and so does his mother...One presumes with the way she gossips that all Bulfinch knows....

And if Rok knows, he ain't sayin'

bbedlam 21st Dec 2014, 10:28 PM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure Rok knows, but he doesn't seem the kind of guy to go around spreading rumors or "talking out of school."