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22nd Apr 2016, 7:00 AM
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bbedlam 22nd Apr 2016, 7:00 AM edit delete
Hey, it's Friday and we made it through a full week of updates.

As I'm writing this on Thursday though... it was a tough day. Woke up to the new of Chyna passing away. As a fairly lifelong WWF/WWE fan, Chyna was a big part of the Attitude Era and I was a fan of hers back then. So her death came as a surprise today. Then about halfway through the day, Prince died. While I'm not a big Prince fan, I did like a good amount of his songs and again, his death came as a big surprise.

So... not the best Thursday. Here's hoping the rest of the month goes by without these kinds of surprises.
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Shen 23rd Apr 2016, 1:16 AM edit delete reply
Hey, not a wrestling fan, and wasn't really surprised when I heard how Chyna died, but Prince shocked me, simply because he was too young for natural causes and wasn't living a wild life. To think influenza got really brings home that "the flu" is really a very dangerous plague that we get every year, which sometimes hits epidemic and even pandemic levels.
It's not The Day The Music Died, or (my lifetime) The Day George Carlin Died, or even The Day Robin Williams Died. While Thursday was sad, at least they were both retired.
The world is no less bright a place.
Cheer up, and I won't tell you about the three earthquakes the week before. ^_^
bbedlam 24th Apr 2016, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
No, it wasn't a horrible day for me, just one of those days where a lot of people around me were effected and that was more what affected me than anything else.

And I knew about the earthquakes too. One great thing about social media is it makes you aware of tragedies all over the world at a moment's notice.

Did I say 'great' thing? I mean 'depressing'.