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16th May 2016, 7:00 AM
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bbedlam 16th May 2016, 7:00 AM edit delete
Well... that was certainly a weekend.

Friday it became public knowledge that Darwyn Cooke was entering palliative care for aggressive cancer and then on Saturday, after I saw CIVIL WAR, I checked online to find out that it was confirmed he'd passed away. I can't claim to be the biggest Darwyn Cooke fan... I enjoyed his work a lot, but I didn't obsessively seek it out... but it still felt a lot like when Mike Wieringo died. Comics lost a great talent far too early. Of Cooke's work, my favorite is probably his issue of SOLO (a short lived series that featured the work of just one artist in each issue, where they could do pretty much whatever they wanted). Of course NEW FRONTIER is still magnificent and example of how superheroes can be done well without them having to be brooding/tormented/grimdark .. basically the antithesis of the DC movies, but the spirt of the Supergirl and Flash TV shows feel very much in that vein.

That was then followed up today (Sunday) with the new saga involving RAT QUEENS... where apparently current artist, Tess Fowler, was pushed out to make way for the return of original RQ artist, Roc Upchurch. Upchurch, notoriously, left the book after he was arrested for domestic abuse. Fowler has taken the high road in the matter, simply stating her side of the case, saying it's a creator owned book and she knew that going in, but that she'd been promised she'd be notified in advance if Upchurch returned and that didn't happen. Suffice to say, if Upchurch does return to RQ, I'll be dropping the title. You can find more about the situation (if you so choose) at most comic news websites at this point.

Dang... this turned into a long post didn't it?
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